5 Habits To Make You A More Productive Human Being

Productivity. The buzzword that plagues corporate office cubicles and everyone but the Hermione Grangers of the world. We are different and unique in our own way. Some of us are more ambitious, others are more family-oriented, some see their glass as half-full, and others not so much. Yet the need to be productive in every facet of life still exists across the board.

So, what’s they key to productivity? Truth is, there is no magic potion to whip you into a superior being. There are, however, little things that you could do everyday to help point you towards a balanced and high-functioning lifestyle.

Here are 5 habits that you should inculcate into your day-to-day routine to help you reach for the stars while keeping you grounded (no Eye of Newt required).

Make your bed

If there is exactly one piece of advice you choose to follow from this list, it has to be this. Making your bed in the morning reinforces the non-negotiable values of hard work and discipline. And the best part is, this is the first task that you can do after you wake up. Start your day in the right direction - forward.

List your goals

Listing your goals not only helps in reducing anxiety and stress but it is also important to structure the bigger picture.  Listing it down helps you prioritize and prepare yourself for the future ahead. Also, is there any better feeling than aggressively checking something off a to-do list?

Eat healthy food

This particular horse has been beaten to death, cremated and laid to rest but it still remains a crucial element on this list. The hint is in the name itself - a 'balanced' diet. Need we say more?


A cluttered environment bogs you down mentally and promotes anxiety and frustration - have you ever tried searching for your keys in a messy room while you were running late? It can start with an unmade med, a few dirty dishes and a penchant for procrastination and can quickly culminate in a full-blown disaster area in a matter of days. Regularly de-cluttering your surroundings is not only more sanitary but helps reduce stress and allows you to process information better.

Keep a journal

Keeping a journal might seem like a time-consuming and pointless endeavour but the rewards can be immense. Writing down your thoughts forces you to be concise and promotes clarity of thought. Simply letting your creative juices flow can be an extremely cathartic means to relieve your stress and decompress after a long day. Looking back at your writing over time can also help put your goals into perspective and guide planning for the future.


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