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Designing The Safety Razor

I’m not active on Twitter because my preferred method of procrastination is kicking some major a$$ on Dota. If I was though, I think my Twitter bio would read something like this: ‘Proud of what I create, self-conscious about my weight.’ That’s right. I fancy myself an inventor. Big statement. I know. Just hear me out.

I’m not calling myself the next Leonardo da Vinci or Nikola Tesla. I simply enjoy identifying problems and finding solutions for them (Yes, I did pick that up during my stint at McKinsey). I worked in analytics, dealt with operations transformations and other important-sounding business jargon when Shantanu, co-founder of Bombay Shaving Company, floated an idea by me. He wanted to change the way we looked at shaving and men’s grooming by transforming them into more likeable experiences.

His enthusiasm was contagious and I soon found myself staring down the barrel of some of the most stressful, chaotic but ultimately rewarding months of my life. We launched our first range of products for Bombay Shaving Company in 7 months flat. I was in charge of designing the razor that would anchor our custom shaving regimen.

After countless hours of research and scrutinizing every razor I could get my hands on, I concluded that I wanted to design a double-edged safety razor that was so beautiful and precise that it would put the joy back in your morning routine. There are a couple of reasons why I went with a safety razor over a multiblade option (for the extended version of that read Single vs Multi bade).

In short, shaving with a hefty double-edged razor is a vastly different experience to shaving with any other product. It requires significantly less effort and results in a much cleaner shave that eliminates the need for multiple strokes. These differences arise from the way a double edge razor works when compared to multi-blade cartridge razors. They work similar to straight razors with added safety features to keep you from causing yourself some serious Sweeney-Toddesque injury.

A few months later, after an extensive search for manufacturers who shared my vision of a razor crafted to perfection, my dream saw the light of day. I could finally hold in my hands a stylish chrome-coated razor, with a sturdy handle, engineered to achieve the perfect blade exposure. Forget cloud nine, I was eleventy billion miles above it.

But I have no intention of proclaiming ‘my work here is done’ and hanging up my cape just yet. Bombay Shaving Company is currently working on and exploring some extremely new and exciting products and I intend to be at the forefront of our efforts.

I refuse to let good be good enough.


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