On-Screen Shaving Awards

The Oscars may be over but the movie nerdom lives on! Bombay Shaving Company has decided to explore the world of shaving represented in movies throughout the ages. Witness how shaving adds to the flavor of films and cuts deep into the heart of movie lovers.

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Royal men like close shaves... very very close!

The old-fashioned single-blade razor teases the cheeks while the curious eyes of the lady leaves our Mr. Bond not shaken but a little stirred!

Great Dictator

Try not to laugh during this shave.

Just imagine if this barber was shaving to the tunes of a Bhangra track! You should get your insurance covered before visiting this saloon.


Girl, you take my beard away! #CoupleGoals

On a sultry afternoon, her soft hands spread the foam on your wet cheeks. You lift your face, trusting her with the razor while she gets rid of the rough patches with gentle strokes. At the end, her soft cheeks test the smoothness of your skin... BUTTERFLIES!

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