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Bombay Shaving Company | Our journey

Bombay Shaving Company was an idea born out of necessity.  As kids, we were fascinated with our mom's expertise with her makeup brush and our dad's skill with his razor. These rituals endured in our imaginations as initiations into adulthood and we could not wait for the day it would be our turn to wield those fabled instruments. I too shared these sentiments and could not believe my excitement when I held a razor for the first time. My first shave was fantastic.

10 years later, after a particularly annoying struggle with my uneven sideburns, I reflected on how tedious the activity felt. While my wife still took her time with and enjoyed her morning routine, mine had become a chore. The joy of the ritual was lost somewhere along the way. I reflected on how marketing had told me to 'upgrade' my razors over the last 10 years and how I had always done so without question. Yet it had culminated in eliminating the essence of the ritual that I had once treasured. I questioned whether the 'upgrades' were really upgrades. In the end, I felt there had to be a better way to shave. A few months later, I took the plunge from my cushy job to start a company that aimed to transform shaving into a more likeable experience.

We began working on making a real product that brought this idea to life. We delved into online communities that still believed in traditional shaving with a double edge razor and a complete shaving regimen. Intrigued, we began testing the traditional methods ourselves. A few shaves were all it took. The superior shave and immersive experience made us look forward to our mornings again.  Clinical trials soon followed and our volunteers validated our hypothesis. Men preferred using a Double edge razor in conjunction with a proper shaving regimen to using other leading products in the market. We believe that these products are not designed keeping in mind our needs, our habits or even our climate. The most common shave regimen does not use the right product to truly give you a fine shave. Now, we knew the opportunity was real. We set out to create our own shaving system. Bombay Shaving Company was born.

So why does this gap exist in the Indian market and what are we doing to change that?

The Indian consumer is more demanding and discerning than ever before. We as a country derive pride from our identity. We now have a sense of purpose. There is also a growing desire for products that are designed keeping us in mind.

Bombay Shaving Company is inspired by this new-found aspiration. Our purpose is to serve this generation of consumers with products that are tailored to their needs. We are driven to create razors that challenge dollar-fuelled marketing myths. We want to develop grooming products for this generation of builders, seekers and innovators.


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