Why A Regimen Is Important For A Good Shave

Want the finest shave of your life? Our shaving regimen was painstakingly crafted with the best ingredients, unrivalled expertise and a whole lot of love to deliver just that.  The regimen helps you initiate, setup and finish your shave off in style. It ensures that your skin and hair are shave-ready before the shave and restores your skin post-shave.

Let's break it down for you. Before you shave, the goal of the regimen is to exfoliate the skin, to open up the pores while simultaneously softening the hair and smoothening the surface of the skin. After the shave, the goal is to heal the skin and close the pores to help avoid germs.

Keeping these goals in mind, we set out to create the perfect shaving regimen to complement our expertly designed double edge safety razor

Exfoliating Scrub

Preparing your face for the shave is an often-overlooked step to a fine shaving experience. An exfoliating scrub cleanses the skin of dirt and pollution and removes dead skin cells. This allows the razor to do what it does best and results in a significantly closer shave.

Slick Shaving Cream

The next step is crucial -  the lather. Many new shavers believe that lathering fulfils more of a psychological need (to not touch a blade directly to your skin) than a utilitarian one. That cannot be further away from the truth. A great lather performs three functions - lubrication, cushion and glide. It creates a layer between the skin and the razor that reduces friction. The blade can then cut the hair with almost no pull leading to a gliding stroke. A cream also has higher elasticity and penetration into the follicle that pushes the hair up, allowing for a better shaving experience.



Post-shave Balm

The final step of the shaving regimen is restoration. Often during shaving, the protective epidermis layer, on the skin can be compromised. Especially if one uses alcohol laden after shaves, the moisture in the tissues escapes and causes dehydration. Prolonged dehydration of the skin could also lead to premature ageing. In addition to this, the now exposed skin, is especially vulnerable to infections. Witch hazel extracts have strong antiseptic properties and are used in our post-shave balm. This, combined with moisturizing oils and our signature fragrance, is the perfect way to kick start your mornings. 



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