To-Do List For Bro

I might not need you as often as I used to but the truth is I always will. My big brother, my best friend, my partner-in-crime.

8 years old

  • Cookies on the top shelf  (High priority target)
  • Teach me to ride a bike  (And don’t laugh when I fall)
  • Help me convince mom to get us a dog  (If you do, you get first pick to name him)
  • Help me find my teddy  (Remember Toy Story? I suspect an uprising)
  • Protect me from the monsters under my bed  (I think they’re getting organized)

12 years old

  • I need help giving Bruno a bath (I still hate the name Bruno by the way... Why did I ever let you pick it??)
  • Biology homework (SOS!)
  • My braces need to be tightened. (Mom says I can go by myself but I know how much you like the dentist’s office...Please come with me)
  • Trip to bookstore. New Harry Potter book release! (What the hell is the Order of the Phoenix? I must know!)
  • My bike needs a tune-up (I’m sorry about your thumb. I promise I’ll be careful this time)

16 years old

  • We need to establish bathroom schedules (How long does it take to shave that wispy excuse for a mustache??)
  • Stop hitting on Sneha when she comes over (She’s my BFF. They’re forever you know)
  • Teach me to ride a scooter (I need my own independent vehicle)

22 years old

  • Teach me the secret to getting through engineering without losing your mind (Seriously. Finals coming up. Help!)
  • Going to try my first beer this weekend (Please come with me. I’m afraid my inner idiot might make an appearance)
  • Introduce me to your friend Rahul (It’s not what you think. I just wanted some help with my umm... laptop)

25 years old

  • I need a guinea pig for my cooking before I get married (Rahul has a sensitive stomach. Yours is cast-iron)
  • The new house needs a coat of paint. Wanna help? (Pizza and beer included)
  • New episode of GoT! (You’re on snack duty)

30 years old

  • Want to try out my latest batch of cookies? (They’re edible. I promise)
  • Teach your nephew to ride a bike (He deserves to learn from the best) 
  • Help me pick out a puppy (You can pick his name too. Bruno Jr. is totally on the table)
  • Come over more often (I think the monsters followed me here from the old house)

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