Are Single blade razors better than Multi blade razors?

In the cut-throat world of men’s grooming, the shavers’ shelf space in the market is full of multi blade razors: two blades, three blades, four blades or whatever the latest iteration is (now with 23 blades because why the hell not?). But are you really getting the best razor for your buck? Allow us to explain a few key questions you may have in mind as a first-time or an experienced shaver.

Are single blade razors better for the skin?

As a blade passes over your skin, it causes irritation. If you experience redness, itchiness or razor bumps after shaving with a multi-blade razor it is due to this fact. One blade is less likely to irritate the skin than many blades and for this reason, it can shave without any irritation to the skin and can lead to noticeable reduction in redness and itchiness. If you suffer from sensitive skin or razor bumps, you should definitely consider a single blade razor and a regimented approach to shaving.

Are single blade razors better for longer stubble?

If you usually wait for more than a couple of days between your shaves, you will have experienced the less than flattering shave with a multi blade razor. The noticeable tug on the hair, repeated clogging of the razor and the complete impossibility of shaving in one stroke; these problems are resolved by the single blade razor.

We’ve all been plied with advertising and visuals that show multiple blades cutting facial hair close to the skin. The truth is, multi blade razors shave by employing a tug-and-pull mechanism. The first blade latches on to and lifts the hair while the following blades cut it. While this works for small hair growth, with longer stubble the effectiveness of the technique diminishes drastically. This mechanism results in the hair being cut below skin level. When the hair grows back, it can lead to ingrown hair which causes painful red bumps on the skin.

Are single blade razors safe to use?

The common perception is that multi blade razors are safer to use since the blades are not as exposed. And, if you are afraid of cuts you should be inclined to use a multi blade razor. However, single blade razors, when manufactured with high precision and when used with the right technique are as unlikely to give you cuts as a multi blade razor.

Are single blade razors more expensive?

The cost-effectiveness of a single blade razor as opposed to a multi blade cartridge razor is one of the most important considerations when choosing the best razor for your needs. Since shaving is an activity that you are going to adhere for lifetime, the total cost of ownership of single blade shaving is substantially less when compared to multi blade cartridges. The value for money in the economics of single blade shaving is briefly explained in the following infographic.

Shavers today have a variety of options available to them when it comes to choosing the perfect razor for their grooming needs. The questions mentioned above help understand why single blade razors are superior to multi blade razors in delivering a close irritation-free shave. Not convinced? Check out this video to learn more about single blade razors.

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