Meghnad S talks about making a difference, one government policy at a time

Your moustache is more powerful than you think. This Movember, we continue our focus on Meaningful Mos by showcasing people around us. This is the first in our series of stories on real heroes with Mos who’ve done their bit for their community.

The first Meaningful Mo in the spotlight is that of Meghnad S. Meghnad sums up what he’s all about in his Twitter Bio which reads:

“I watch Parliament & write about it | Creator: Consti-tuition | ex-LAMP | GIF Curator | Cat-person | Gamer | Thread ninja | Proud to be followed.”

Although we agree with him that cats rule, we believe we can expand a little more on the important work that he does with his political prowess and writing skills.

Jumping into the Indian political setting with zero background in politics, policy making or law is a daunting prospect for the best of us. Meghnad took on the challenge with vigour and spent his time learning how to read laws and understanding how our democracy works. His journey began working with MPs with the objective of helping them be more effective with their work. He helped them reach out to and connect with their constituents and frame policies to better suit the needs of the masses.

After 6 years of refining his political acumen, he quit to pursue the difficult path of educating the Indian populace on the fundamentals of our democracy. Or as he calls it ‘Revisiting what we learned in Civics class with a humorous twist’.

He started his outreach on Reddit with moderate success and was soon given the opportunity to cast a wider net with publications like Buzzfeed and Newslaundry. His unique blend of government policy and satire was an instant hit with his readers and he soon launched his show Consti-tuition. Consti-tuition began with the goal of helping people understand the reason behind the constant cycle of disappointment with policy and the politicians behind them.

The show has been extremely successful in garnering public interest on the issues that matter. Meghnad has skilfully tackled topics from the Lokpal bill to the Anti-defection law by boiling it down to the importance of understanding these laws and getting actively involved with the government. He effectively draws parallels between laws and pop culture. For example, relating a complicated finance bill to Lord Voldemort; calling it the-bill-that-shall-not-be-named.

The challenges with this kind of content stems from a government that is not very transparent and a general public that does not have the time or the patience to understand the basics. Meghnad agrees that it has been an uphill journey and readily admits when he has perhaps gone too far at times with pointing out ridiculous things about the system. He constantly reminds people that this is a bizarre experiment to try to simplify laws and break them down for the public and that he is constantly learning and refining his methods.

Looking to the future, Consti-tuition has been renewed for Season 2 with bigger and better things to come. You can follow him on Twitter @memeghnad.

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