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J is for Jojoba- Why is it important? #AtoZGroomingGuide

For all you confused folks out there, it’s pronounced ho-ho-ba. Now that we’ve got that cleared, Jojoba oil is the essential fluid that is extracted from the seed of the Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) plant, native to Southwestern North America. Funny thing, Jojoba oil, despite its name, is actually a liquid (almost) plant wax but we’ll still go with Jojoba oil instead of Jojoba wax to avoid confusion seeing as beard oil is the product we’re discussing.

If you have a beard you’ve probably heard about beard oil and if not - where have you been? Presently though, Jojoba oil is more commonly used as a remedial medicine for acne, psoriasis, chapped skin etc. And although Jojoba is good for these qualities, one of the vital advantages of Jojoba oil is also its reputation to strengthen the hair shaft. Also, Jojoba being an emollient, it mollifies the skin while at the same time unclogging hair follicles which also helps in getting rid of acne, blackheads, etc. You can check out the article here.

Unlike most vegetable oils, jojoba oil closely resembles sebum, the waxy substance our skin glands naturally produce. This quality alone means it’s perfect for use on hair and skin, therefore, by extension, brilliant for a beard oil. Incidentally, beard oil is ideal for moisturizing and softening beard hair. If you feel like your beard is too itchy, patchy, a beard oil is an ideal go-to product. Beard oil is perfect for moisturizing the skin and softening the beard hair, making it looked shiny and groomed. If you have trouble with itchy, flaky skin under and around your beard, you would certainly benefit from using a beard oil.

How to make use of Jojoba oil for skin and beard?

As previously mentioned, Jojoba oil is an effective essential oil for hair growth but at the same time, its nourishing qualities are effectively good for the skin as well. So, the next time you feel your facial hair and skin are unreasonably dry. Take a few drops of the beard oil, after you’ve applied onto your beard and skin, massage the affected areas. Leave it overnight, or if you’re in a bit of a rush, let it penetrate for 30 minutes. Wash with a face cleanser as usual. For beard, you can just throw on some oil in the morning and get on with your day. If you’re one of those hip guys and want that extra edge, feel free to mix a few essential oils in with your jojoba oil, patchouli and musk are our personal favorites.

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