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What beard style would suit your face? Celebrity Edition

Some people like chocolate, some like vanilla and some even like chocolate on top of vanilla. And then there are some who would go for a banana. From your favourite dessert to how to you like to style your facial hair, everybody likes options. However, narrowing them down to suit your taste and your personality can be a challenge for some. We’ve scoured the web to bring you 6 Celebrity beard styles that we love. We’ve hope this helps you find a beard style that works for you so you don’t end up pairing a brownie with ketchup.

The Balbo

From American Psycho to cleaning up the streets of Gotham, Christian Bale has seen it all. People who admire him know that this man is all about hard work and sheer dedication. The Balbo beard style is for individuals who believe in achieving impossible feats with their grind and conviction. Named after the Italian Air Marshal Italo Balbo, this beard style falls into the goatee family. It comprises of a floating or trimmed moustache with the sideburns shaved off. This beard style has an inverted T-shape with the floating moustache disconnected from the rest of the beard.

Christian Bale sporting a Balbo beard style

How to Grow:

Step 1: Shave your sideburns down to a minimum, leaving a clean space between your hair and beard.  We recommend a single blade safety razor for clean cuts and smooth strokes.

Step 2: The moustache is floating for a Balbo, so disconnect it from your beard as well. Keep the cheeks and the lower neck areas clean-shaved and sharp to rock this look.

Step 3: For bonus style points, try adding a little extra flair to your stache with a styling wax.

Recommended Face-Cuts:

Oval, square, diamond, heart, and round-shaped faces can all flaunt the Balbo relatively well. It’s not ideal for a triangle-shaped face because it highlights the larger jaw line in a not-so-flattering way.

The Extended Goatee

From captivating millions in Manchester, Madrid, Milan, LA and Paris to bringing in the first MLS club in Miami, this man has achieved milestones most of us can only dream of. This beard style is for winners who won’t flinch for a second before dazzling a crowd of thousands. The Extended Goatee is a standard goatee with a moustache blended into it, but with the addition of facial hair extending out from under the goatee along the jaw line.

How to Grow:

Step 1:  Start by creating an outline, work your way around your chin and cheeks until you have the basic outline you want. The outline should start an inch above your Adam’s apple. This might be too lengthy for some, but you can always shorten it in the future. If you shave too close, too soon, you’ll have to wait to grow it back. A single blade safety razor is recommended by us for best results.

Step 2:  It’s essentially a beard connected to a moustache, with or without the sideburns. It’s different from the Balbo because the moustache and the beard are connected, rather than having a floating moustache. In order to grow an extended goatee, we recommended that you start by growing in a full beard, and then trimming it to form the desired shape. Use a good beard growth oil if you have a patchy beard in some areas.

Step 3: For cleansing and maintaining your mane, use a beard shampoo and conditioner regularly. An anti-inflammatory oil can be used to counter the itchiness you might experience during the beard growth stage.

Recommended Face-Cuts:

Both square and oblong shaped faces work well with this look. For those with a rounded face, it could have the negative effect of making your face look rounder.

The Anchor

Flamboyance, charisma and exuberance; if these are the adjectives that best describe your personality, like Mr Stark, then we have a beard style specifically for you. The Anchor beard style is for confident people who have an honest and direct approach to life without hiding behind the shadows of pretence. The anchor gets its name from the fact that it looks like the nautical ship equipment. It consists of a chin strap beard, a pencil moustache, and a soul patch that extends to the chin.

How to Grow:

Step 1: Clean shave your cheek and neck regions and also the area where your neck meets your chin to create a clear border. Then draw the border of your goatee at three inches from either side of your chin.

Step 2: Define the upper edges of your goatee and shape the whiskers between your bottom lip and chin into a rectangular shape. Enhance this beard style by shaving the whiskers from the corner of your lips down to your chin hairs – without touching the hairs that run from the centre of your lip to the chin. Use a straight razor or a single blade safety razor for precision shaving.

Step 3:  You can choose to curl and wax the edges of your moustache upward or to leave it untouched. In any case, the moustache should extend just beyond the corners of your mouth. A moustache wax is recommended for added style.

Step 4: Maintaining the Anchor beard style requires regular trimming, and shaping so that you don’t lose the look.

Recommended Face-Cuts:

Similar to the Balbo, this beard style goes well with oval, square, diamond, heart, and round-shaped faces. If you have a triangular face, we recommend going further down this list.

The Circle

‘Can you smellll, what The Rock is cooking?’, some people know him as the eyebrow raising, trail-blazing brahma bull while some know him as the jacked up special agent Luke Hobbs. This beard style is for people who are not afraid to move on to greener pastures in life after conquering everything possible with their previous commitments. Basically, the Circle beard is circular in shape that combines the goatee and the moustache, striking a balance between old age and youthfulness with a dash of sophistication.

How to Grow:

Step 1:  Apply shaving cream to the sideburns as well as the neck, and clear both sides with a razor.

Step 2: Leaving the moustache joining your goatee, shave the lower part of your goatee to about 1 inch above your Adam’s apple.

Step 3: Shape all corners to get a smooth round circle that attaches to the goatee. Apply a moisturising product to keep your beard hair tamed and smooth.

Recommended Face-Cuts:

This kind of beard style is suitable for individuals who have a moustache that is connected to the goatee. Mostly, suitable for men having circular faces, this kind of shaving style balances the face as well as gives you a sharp look.


After picking up the baton from the ‘God’ himself and leading the way by setting hefty standards in the world of Cricket, the man to your right is the perfect example of unparalleled hard work blended with unprecedented caliber. Even if you see 10% of this man in yourself, this beard style would go perfectly with your personal life motto. A Boxed beard is a neatly trimmed version of the full beard. It is a suitable option for those who want a classic beard style but don’t prefer the full beard’s excessive volume. Boxed beards are closely cropped, shaped and groomed with the hair’s natural direction of growth.

How to Grow:

Step 1: Boxed beards can be achieved with as little as two weeks of beard growth. However, the best results are achieved after about four weeks to maximise the overall impact of the look. If you have trouble with a patchy beard, use a beard growth oil for even and healthy growth.

Step 2: Shave away the stray whiskers from the less dense areas of your cheeks to highlight your cheekbones and facial bone structure. Create a sloping border from your sideburns to the moustache (using the natural borders of your beard growth as a guide). Repeat this on the other side of your face while trying to maintain a balance between both sides of your face. We recommend a single blade safety razor for clean lines.

Step 3: Allow your beard to grow about one to two inches beneath your jawbone before creating the lower border. Trimming your hair a little shorter along this border will create a more natural-looking line.

Recommended Face-Cuts:

Best suited for angular or heart-shaped faces, this beard style can give balance to the lower half of your face. Or, if you have a round or oval face, it aids in adding hard angles in the right areas. Not recommended for square-shaped faces – it may make your face look bottom-heavy.


The Van Dyke

‘Life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it’, golden words spoken Mr Johnny Depp himself. From the notorious John Dillinger to the adorable Jack Sparrow, this beard style is for individuals who have multiple sides to their personalities each having its own vivid colour. Named after the 17th century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke, this beard style adds a classic moustache to a goatee, while keeping the moustache and chin beard separated at the corners. Both the moustache and chin beard are pointy, giving this beard style its distinguished, sharp look.

How to Grow:

Step 1: Start by shaving the sideburns and cheeks. Leave about two inches of hair on both sides of the mouth. Shave away all the hair on the bottom and the sides, until just above the Adam’s apple.

Step 2: Shave and clean up the chin beard into a goatee. The Van Dyke is known for the pointy chin beard, so if you have long enough beard hair, trim the chin hair to a point; we recommend a beard butter for shaping and styling.

Recommended Face-Cuts:

This beard style goes well with almost any kind face-shape including oval, square, diamond, heart, round oblong and triangle.

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