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6 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

Love is a very special, very personal feeling. What better day than Valentine’s Day to celebrate this feeling, by showering gifts on your loved one(s). You don't want to wait till the last minute for the perfect Valentine's Day gift idea for your significant other. A personalised gift is there perfect way to express your love and appreciation in a truly unique way.

Here are some personalise-able Valentine’s Day gift sets guaranteed to make his day:

1. 6-Part Shaving System

This is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your clean-shaven man. When you want that special person in your life to feel extra special. Bonus points - you can get the razor engraved too.

Included: Razor (w/ Mild and Aggressive clamps), Blades, Scrub, Cream, Brush, Balm, Razor Sheath and Towel


2. Beard Care Starter Kit

This kit is packed with pocket-friendly beard grooming essentials and is just the gift your man needs if sees a bit of Virat Kohli or George Clooney in himself.

Included: Beard Growth Oil (8 ml), Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Wood-scented - 20 ml), Stubble Oil (Cedarwood - 8 ml), Beard Butter (Wood-scented - 15 g), Moustache Wax (Wood-scented - 15 g) and Beard Serum (8 ml).


3. Set of 4 Exfoliating Bath Soaps

If you want a Valentine's Day gift that is 100% natural, handmade and expertly crafted, this is where your search ends.

Included: Refreshing Menthol Soap, Deep Cleansing Charcoal Soap, Oil Control Tea Tree Soap, Moisturising Shea Butter Soap



4. Precision Safety Razor

This Valentine's Day, get connected with a gift for life with this gleamy Precision Safety Razor - made in metal with a chrome finish. This would be the perfect gift for your man if he appreciates the finer things that life has to offer.

Included: 10 Feather blades engineered by the Japanese, masters of the sword, 2 clamps for mild and aggressive setting and razor sheath


5. 3-Step Shaving Regimen

This Valentine's Day gift is designed to take the monotony out of his daily grooming regimen. If you want your significant other to remember and thank you every morning, this is what you’re looking for.

Included: Scrub, Cream, Brush, Balm and Towel


6. Complete Beard Care Kit

Give your relationship a touch of class with this thoughtful Valentine's Day grooming kit. It contains everything your man needs to grow, cleanse, nourish and style his facial hair to get it in shape and looking its best every day.

Included: Beard Growth Oil, Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (Wood-scented), Stubble Oil (Cedarwood), Beard Butter (Wood-scented), Moustache Wax (Wood-scented), Beard Serum and U-Shaped Beard Comb (Sheesham Wood).


To make it feel more intimate and personal we have added personalisation options on our Valentine's Day gift collection. Every kit you purchase comes with a Valentine's Day themed sleeve on which you can add an adorable caption with a winsome photo of your significant other. Engraving options on the razor are also available on shaving kits in which the razor is included. What are you waiting for?

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