OK- Take this quick quiz and we’ll reveal a Valentine’s Day gift that he’ll definitely love!

We can tell you what you should gift your BAE this Valentine’s Day.

Tell us your #GroomingConfessions and just a little bit about your man’s personality and we will find the perfect gift to give him this V-Day, apart from the gift of your love, of course.

We moustache you a question — okay, six questions. 

Ready when you are!


Confession No. 1- Very basic. Does he like to rock a scruff, beard, or keep a clean shaved look?
Confession No. 2- Imagine if you will, a scenario where your man must take your parents out for dinner. And you’re busy at work. Where will he take them?
Confession No. 3- He’s used your favourite body wash and in obscene amounts, no less. What does he do?
Confession No. 4- You’re both late for work. The first one to shower will obviously take more time because he/she actually has time. Who goes first?
Confession No. 5- What is the 1 essential grooming supply that he cannot live without?
Confession No. 6- Do you often find him sneaking his way into your grooming supplies every now & then?

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