A Glorious Kohli or a Remarkable Tendulkar- Who are You?

Tendulkar, Kohli, Tendulkar, Kohli, Tendulkar…?

We're not interested in the debate because we believe that it is pointless comparing the two legendary players from different eras. So, instead, we focus on deciphering who your personality truly matches with. And if it’s not the answer you were expecting...well, then, it’s just too bad. Here's the fun quiz...after all, It’s not about who you think is better, it’s about who you really are.

1. What correctly defines you as a Cricketer?
What is more satisfying to you?
How do other people perceive you?
What would you have as your post-game celebratory snack?
What kind of a girl would you fall for?
Alright, folks! This is the last one. Would you rather…?

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