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D for Dry Skin- What is Dry Skin? #AtoZGroomingGuide

Putting in the simplest of words, dry skin happens when your skin runs out of moisture. If you have a dry skin type, it just means your skin is lacking oil. Dry skin is a natural condition wherein your skin feels cracked, even itchy in some cases. It can happen for a number of reasons, chief among which is your skin naturally being dry. But then again, if you don’t generally have dry skin, it is possible you might have experienced dry patches on some parts of your body. Exposure to adverse weather, extremely hot water, a certain set of chemicals could be one of the causes. And in most cases, a few minor lifestyle changes and good moisturisers can help you tackle it but if not, you might want to contact your dermatologist.

What is the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin?

When your skin feels dry, you may naturally assume that it is dry. But there’s also a good chance that it’s just dehydrated and in dire need of water. What does that mean? We’ll explain.

First, there’s a skin type and then there’s a skin condition. There’s a huge difference between the two and yet both feel the same- just plain dry. We’ll explain how. Your skin type is what you're naturally born with, such as oily, combination or dry skin. Your condition, however, is more dependent on your diet and lifestyle- something that can cause you to experience other problems like acne and irritation. So, folks, make sure to drink your 3 litres of water daily! Dehydration is a temporary condition and can very easily be tackled with a little H2O.

How you can get a healthy, glowing skin.

Moisturise. Make it your ritual. If you have dry skin, you must’ve noticed how often you need to moisturise and if you're tired of using moisturisers that leave your skin feeling dry or tight, or face washes that strip it of moisture, it's time to learn exactly what ingredients can help.

Your product needs to be able to provide your skin with the care it needs, to be able to help heal and prevent it from drying out. Knowing what ingredients suit you and finding the right moisturiser that carries those ingredients is one way you can help yourself. Whether you're dealing with severely dehydrated skin or just want protection against dry, red skin, these ingredients should be the first things you look for.

Aloe Vera- It is simply magic for dry skin. Aloe vera could be your new favourite moisturising ingredient. It’s stellar for the skin and can do so much more than just treating sunburns, which, by the way, is what it’s mostly known for. Its healing qualities are definitely an advantage but so are its moisturising abilities. So, if you're looking for a light moisturiser, pick one that has Aloe vera in it. Besides, it has a good reputation with clearing up acne and clogged pores so that’s a plus.

Essential Oils- Essential oils work wonders for the skin. And when combined with the right ingredients, it can make for an absolutely wondrous moisturiser which can contribute more towards a healthy skin than any other remedy.

Tea- Not only does tea taste great, but it is also very beneficial to the skin. It does a great job of providing essential nourishment and protection to the skin.

And while these few ingredients are great, there might always be a chance that some of them may not suit you. Having said that, make sure to read the labels thoroughly to see that your skin is getting the ingredients it needs. After all, a happy skin is a happy you.

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