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How to Grow a Beard- The Ultimate Guide

Growing facial hair is not a breeze, hence the underlying connotations of manliness. Simply put, we’re not all naturally gifted with beard-growing genes. So, you can stroke your follicles in front of the mirror, all you want, but without the right procedure and the right products, your dream for proudly sporting a well-groomed beard is going to be just that- a dream. But rest assured, where there’s a will, there is certainly a way, and together, with us, you can achieve. Read how below.

  1. Believing is Achieving – Alright, so, the very first stage in beard growth involves you believing that you will grow a healthy beard. Patience is not the only key, you also have to be persistent. Seriously, you really do have to stick it out for those first few weeks. The stubble will itch and you’ll want to shave it right off, but you can’t. But, if you want that growth then perseverance is key in how to grow a beard faster. 
  2. Let Beard Growth Oil be your Holy Grail– Time has to be one of the biggest, and toughest obstacles to overcome between you and the beard of your dreams. So, keep on the path and be patient. As we mentioned earlier, the right products can do wonders for you. Apply a beard growth oil that works well for you, twice a day. Once in the morning before leaving for office and once in the evening before going off to bed. Look for a beard growth oil that has vetiver (an oil known for its viscosity), and a few essential oils that nourish your follicles right from the very start. Follow the next tip in those early weeks so that it looks like a defined beard.

  3. Shampoo and Condition– Believe it or not, another way to make your beard grow is to wash it. “But, I already do that”, we hear you cry. And we understand you, but really, do you do it properly? Keeping your beard clean is as important as keeping your skin cleansed. So, let the right Beard Shampoo and Conditioner be your go-to product right from the beginning of the process. The correct beard products is an absolute necessity, especially ones free from sulphates to thoroughly cleanse without stripping sensitive follicles, or skin, for that matter. Adopting this level of beard care early on will only help towards a fuller appearance once yours has really got a move on. So lather up and indulge that facial hair because it’s worth it.

  4. We have four words for you, go with the grain– Alright, well done. You’ve persevered through the itch, regularly used the oil, you’ve even counted the number of hairs on your face several times over, probably even thought of giving up once or twice, but as time has gone on, you’ve actually managed to gain a decent coverage. Even if it’s turned out a little thin and patchy in places- it is okay. You can use our Beard Oil that can help nourish the follicles and fix that, and in no time. But, if you managed to grow a good length of hair, this is especially important for you: Brushing your beard at the end of each day will ensure its health. How it helps is it distributes the natural oils and the product you just used throughout your beard, and evenly. Brushing can help shape and even nourish your beard to some extent. If you still have shorter hairs, rely on a beard comb to take this process forward.

  5. Elevate the Good Bits– Now that you’ve somewhat grown out your beard, it’s time to nourish & style it with the right products to keep its growth consistent and healthy. It’s also worth remembering that just because you’ve almost reached the end of your ‘how to grow a beard’ journey, your beard will continue to grow in thickness and length, therefore slowly eliminating patches. So, now it’s time to work on styling it. For thicker beards, a beard butter would do wonders. Not only does it nourish, but it also helps tame the beard and by extension, style it. Also, it smells heavenly. However, for lesser thick beards, or scruff, our beard serum would do a good job. And for all those who like to sport a moustache, we also have an excellent moustache wax that is just great for styling.

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Now that you’ve grown out your beard and even learned how to style it, we consider our job half done. The other half is on you. And so is the style you choose but whichever style you pick- our advice is to own it, wear it with pride and rest assured that we will always stand by you to maintain that beard of yours. 

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