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The GIF Guide- How To Use & Apply Beard Oil The Right Way?

In an ideal world, all you would have to do to grow a great beard would be to stop shaving. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world– unless you have the magical potion. In this world, you’d have to apply beard growth oil, and apply it effectively. ‘How do you apply’, we hear you cry. Well,  here are six simple steps to get you the beard of your dreams.
Let’s take a look at applying beard oil while briefly touching on its benefits:

1. Getting Started: How Much & When Should You Use It?

The ideal time to apply beard growth oil is right after you get out of the shower. When your hair is wet, it will absorb the oil easily.

2. Pouring The Beard Growth Oil

Pouring the oil into your hands is not that tough, we know. But through this step, we want to make sure you know & remember to pour the right amount. If you have stubble, 2-3 drops every day is just enough but if you’re just beginning with the growth process, 3-4 drops twice every day- once after the shower and once before going to bed should do the trick. And, be sure to always place the dropper back into the bottle once you’ve dispensed the correct amount. It’s always healthy to not set it on a surface where it might attract contaminants, or break.

3. The Best Part- Applying the Oil

Your beard’s damp and you’ve dabbed it dry with your towel. Now comes the best part. First, spread the beard oil evenly into your palms. Now, be careful to work the oil into your skin first and then your stubble/hair. Start with massaging your neck and work up to the chin and consequently to your hair.

4. Distribution is Important

Make sure you distribute the beard oil across and with your grain to ensure seamless distribution. Again, massage your way through your neck to the hair, against your grain to ensure the involved area of your skin is thoroughly covered. If you have a moustache, or even if it’s on its way, make sure to use the tips of your fingers and the thumb to massage into it.

5. The Final Touch

For all of you who have a beard, make sure that at the end of your beard growth oil application process, you use a fine-toothed comb to spread out the oil even more evenly. This will ensure that the nourishing ingredients of your beard oil are spread throughout your beard which will help it grow healthy and not-so-patchy.

We know you want nothing more than to grow out a healthy beard but we hope you understand that a beard requires patience, maintenance and a dash of Beard Growth Oil, every day. So, you know it’s hard work. But if you want it to be easier, try our Beard Starter Kit

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