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Why you should use a non-alcoholic Post-Shave Balm rather than an alcohol-based Aftershave?

Alright, so there are two kinds of products when it comes to post-shave formulas- there are your alcohol-based formulas and then there are alcohol-free ones. All your moisturisers, balms, gels are alcohol-free while your lotions and aftershave-splashes are generally alcohol-based. We understand that it might feel like we’re nit-picking here, but believe us, the distinction is important.
Aftershave lotions sting, we know. That stinging sensation after a morning shave can really wake you up and because we’ve been using it for the longest time, we all have that one aftershave we’ve gotten used to. But, what if we told you that this routine might be causing irreversible damage to your skin? Alcohol dries out the skin, it’s a fact. Probably the biggest contributor to your bumpy skin and several other skin-related problems. It is imperative to understand that the stinging does not translate to the product doing its job. 

Especially if you have an acne prone skin, the aftershave lotion will aggravate the already existing acne and sting like crazy causing all the more damage. Basically- if something burns like hell when you apply it to your skin, don’t use it.

Okay, so why are Post-Shave Balms, Moisturisers, Gels better, you ask?

Because instead of using alcohol, they use alternative and more natural ingredients such as witch hazel, citrus extracts, aloe vera, vitamin E amongst others. It also makes sure your skin doesn’t burn when you apply it. These less aggressive ingredients are more natural and sustainable and thus, make sure that your face bears no harm. Some of the ingredients to look out for are: 

  1. Aloe Vera- Magic ingredient
  2. Witch Hazel- Anti-septic & anti-inflammatory 
  3. Vitamin E- Restores all skin’s natural ingredients
  4. Allantoin: Extremely moisturising
  5. Aqua- Obviously

Lastly, because your post-shave balm is alcohol-free, you will actually get to feel the tingling, cooling sensation on your face when you’re done. That’s definitely a winner, especially in Indian summers.

That’s it from us, folks. We hope your shave doesn’t sting anymore. 

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