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5 Ways To Fix That Patchy Beard Of Yours

To some people a perfectly shaped beard is the epitome of a man. The curse of the patchy beard is a serious issue for many a Beardster out there. Some of us struggle with growing a full beard that is without patches. We’re not saying it can’t be fixed, but in the meantime, embrace your beard if that’s the way it grows. Patchy beards can come down to a number of reasons and with one of these, there is little you can do to combat it. That is genes. We're here to help you make it work. 

Anyway, if you have a patchy beard, here's 5 ways you can fix it. 

1. Wash your beard every day— that could be one of the reasons you have a patchy beard, because it’s dirty. The dirt & grime clogs your pores which in turn hampers hair growth. People think you need to invest in Beard Shampoo & Conditioners, they think correct. If it’s a good product it’ll help prevent the stripping away of the important oils your beard contains.

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2. Use a Beard Growth Oil- we can’t stress on this enough. Beard Growth Oils help stimulate natural hair growth and a good, natural beard oil helps condition the skin and hair at the same time. This will help promote the healthy growth of your beard hair.

3. We know you’ve heard this enough but you have to comb or brush your beard daily. Treat it like your hair, and better. Combing/brushing your beard helps distribute the essential oils evenly, making sure very inch of your beard is covered and getting the nourishment it needs to grow stronger. 

4. Alright, this one’s a mistake a lot of you make- trimming the beard is another way a lot of people end up with a patchy beard. We recommend you follow this simple trick, cut lesser hair than you feel is necessary. If you’re still not happy, cut a little more but take some time to notice. And after you’ve trimmed your beard, make sure to put on a beard oil to keep it nourished throughout. 

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5. This one’s the most important, and simple- use a Beard Oil at all times. Get yourself a leave-in Beard Oil that you can put on in the morning before leaving for office/college and forget about it. It does its job and you don’t even have to worry about it. We have one that does the job and makes your beard smell extra nice. Please note that it is important you use a Beard Oil simultaneously with a Beard Growth Oil so as to increase the growth stimulation process. 

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Alright, folks. That’s it from us. But if you’re looking to kickstart your beard care, the Beard Care Starter Kit is a perfect choice for you. 

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