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Top 5 Beard Growing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are plenty of issues that can arise in the growth process for many of you bearded folks out there. Some of these are avoidable and some can be prevented. Here, we walk you through the top 5 common beard growth  mistakes made by men you should absolutely avoid.  

1. Being Impatient

You’re not giving your beard enough time to grow out. Growing a beard takes time. Not even just that, it is a fact that every man’s hair grows at a different rate. To be honest, it’s entirely up to you whether or not a small patch in your beard is a make-it or break-it deal for you. There are plenty of people who go around with a few patches on their beard- also a few celebrities. But rest assured, this patch will fill in over time, or as your beard becomes fuller the patch will become unnoticeable. But it requires care, and a few products. Use a natural Beard Growth Oil, leave it in overnight and wash it with a Beard Shampoo & Conditioner in the morning. And don’t forget, consistency is the key. 

2. Careless Trimming

Hair follicles may run differently for different people. In essence, some may have thin hair around the jaw while others may have a thin moustache, it’s a twisted tale. What you need to be careful for is to make sure to be particularly precise when trimming back these areas and not take off all your thin hair. For instance, you may be trimming back the thick hair on your chin and then move up around your jaw and cut it back to thin. Now you have a patchy beard. It is easy to avoid this. All you have to do is take a little care. 

3. You’re Not Taking Proper Care Of Your Beard

As we’ve reiterated time and time again, there is no such thing as a magic potion that will make your beard grow faster or make your beard more dense. However, using products like a natural beard growth oil and beard oil can help improve your overall beard and skin health. Applying a beard growth oil daily will nourish your beard and the skin underneath, which is essential for your beard growth. If you’re someone who does happen to be rocking a patch or two in your beard, be sure to apply a beard oil that you’re supposed to be massaging all the way down to the hair follicle. 

4. You’re Not Taking Proper Care Of Yourself

We’re not being cheeky, but proper beard care really does start from within. Every little thing matters- from how much sleep your getting at night, to what foods your putting into your body, and how much exercise you get. All affect your beard growth. Making sure to follow a somewhat healthy diet (trying to be realistic here) can get you what you want- a long, healthy beard. Getting enough sleep and exercise in your life is going to assist in maintaining stress levels can also help you get the beard you want. 

5. If It’s Wild, It’s Not Wise

If you think you will achieve the long, strong beard that you want by letting it grow out all wild by itself, without paying any kind of attention to it, we feel sad to inform you that it doesn’t work like that. Just like a garden grows only with care, you have to nurture your beard and prune it from time to time. You have to trim from time to time even if it means lesser facial hair. Be assured, it won’t affect your growth but only enhance it. We’ve come to notice a common misconception that if you trim your beard, it will look thinner.  However, it’s quite the opposite. Trimming those loose ends will make it look thicker. 

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And of course, as we mentioned earlier, every man is different and therefore is going to grow a beard at a different rate. But, in the end, it’s all about confidence and how you rock your beard, patches or not.

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