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7 Beard Myths That You Need To Stop Believing In

Beards are in. The bearded look was once reserved for mountain men and lumberjacks, but just about anyone can rock a beard these days. And because of that people have a lot of misconceptions about beard and how it grows. Let’s look at the top 7 myths and bust them, shall we?

1. Shaving Makes Your Hair Grow Back Thicker

This has to be one of the strangest myths out there. Let us be the bearer of myth-busting news, it is not possible to trim or shave your beard for it to grow back thicker than it usually is. How we understand it is- when you shave/trim, your hair follicles inside the skin still remain intact so when they grow back, they feel thicker because they’re still very new. As the hair grows longer, they’ll start feeling thinner. Hair is thicker at the bottom and as it starts to grow out, it becomes thinner.  

2. Beard Growth ONLY Depends On The Genetics

We bet a lot of you have at some point in your life thought “I can’t grow a beard, it’s not in my genetics”, and while it may be somewhat true. It can also turn out to be false. Perhaps the issue is that you’re not committing enough time and care to grow out a beard. Also, you’re unaware of the many things you can do right now to advance your beard growth- you can use beard growth oil and start eating healthy for starters. It takes time for a beard to grow. You just have to be patient.
You can check out how to grow a beard here.

3. Beards Are Dirty & Unclean

A full-length beard, to some, may seem like a thing underneath which lay dirt and germs. And it’s a completely valid concern, but not just for beards, any part of your body that you don’t clean is going to get dirty. It’s true for the hair on your head, too. So, as long as you plan on keeping that beard nice & clean, you and your beard are going to be just fine. You can use the beard shampoo & conditioner to keep it clean and nourished throughout.

4. Beards Are Itchy. Always.

We’ve all been there, we know. We know how after a couple of weeks of growing a beard, out of nowhere, the much-dreaded itch begins. However, the itchy phase passes as soon as it had come and for some of you lucky folks out there, it never even begins. And if for some of you, it tends to still persist, then it’s not down to the beard but to the skin beneath it. A simple trick to avoid the slight itching is to use beard oil that can you ensure that the skin beneath the beard is moisturised, along with the beard itself.

5. You Won’t Get A Job If You’re Not Clean-Shaven

We believe most companies want well-groomed employees. They don’t necessarily care about you being clean-shaven or bearded, as long as you look absolutely dapper in either of those looks. Now, we understand how this could be a misconception seeing as it could most likely be true for a few situations. However, you decide whether or not it is a deal-breaker for you. 

6. A Patchy Beard Does Not Fill In

Probably one of the most common beard myths-  After a while of growing a beard, you start to see patches and begin to panic. Many will feel that they can’t grow a big, full beard. Our advice is to monitor its growth before jumping to conclusions. Let it grow for at least three more months. You’d be surprised at just how gorgeous the sparest of beards look after that length of time. This happens because as your hair grows longer, they also begin to fill out the empty patches. Beard combs and brushes can aid you in doing that. And even if that doesn’t help, you could always try going for a different beard style that suits your face structure. It might just look better. 

7. Beards Can Make You Feel Hot In The Summer

While this is somewhat true, it might make you just a tad bit hot, your beard is also your natural sunscreen. It saves you from all the harmful UV Rays that is always in your face in the scorching heat. Especially with Indian summers being the way they are. The Beard Butter protects your facial hair from the heat and keeps it nourished.

Hopefully, the next time someone tells you to not keep a beard because of one of these reasons, you can explain how your beard is your true style. 

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