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Beard Oil, Beard Butter, Beard Serum- How, When & Which One To Use?

Staring at that beard kit can be confusing, with all those products in it. It can get you pulling your hair in frustration. We're here to tell you that things don't have to be that hard.. Here's your ready reckoner on how they are different, along with "How To Use" and "When To Use"


The beard oil softens the beard and adds that shine to your beard. All you have to do is massage a good amount of the beard growth oil onto your beard. It really can't get easier than that. Apply it onto your beard, massage the oil in and then sit back and relax. Now when to use it is the important part. The oil is to be applied on a damp beard and the best time would be right after a shower. The beard oil is a stay-in beard oil and keeps the beard nourished.


Once your done massaging the Beard Oil in, the Beard Serum helps de-tangle and treat frizzy beards while adding shine to it. Massage a small amount of serum to your frizzy and tangled hair. For frizz and tangle free beards, Beard Serum is your go to product.


Finally use the Beard Butter to style and moisturize that fine looking beard. Think of it as a stylist for your beard. Take a little beard butter, spread it across your beard evenly, and for the final touch - style it.

These products, individually, are excellent, of course. But, if you want the complete beard care, check out our Beard Starter Kit.

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