5 Thoughtful Personalised Gifts For Your Brother This Rakhi

Over the years, you have provided your brother with plenty of advice, direction, and encouragement as he struggled. You’ve always been his best friend, worst enemy and his greatest confidant. From picking a booger off his face to introducing the wonders of Harry Potter — there’s nothing you haven't done for him including being his personal stylist keeping in mind which, we've compiled a list of 5 gifts that he’ll actually love, and be able to use. And, just to make your Rakhi even more special, we’ve added a Personalised Sleeve where you get to include a photograph and a nice message for your dad.
Honestly, we don’t know about you but this sounds like a great deal to us.

For Mr. Perfectionist

The 6-Part Shaving System makes for a perfect gift for the bro who is nothing short of an absolute perfectionist. If he loves to groom, we truly believe gifting him the finest shaving experience is the way to go. His sophisticated style resonates with the stately 6-Part Shaving System which comes immaculately packed with a Pre-Shave Scrub, Shaving Cream, Post-Shave Balm and the classiest of all classy razors, the Precision Safety Razor accompanied by a faux badger brush, and a shave dab.

For The Clean Bro

For the brother who thinks cleanliness is next to Godliness, what better gift than the gift of cleaning itself. Give him a set of everyday skincare essentials to remind him that you still are his #FirstStyleGuru. We can promise he’ll look radiant! The Charcoal Facial Starter Kit comes packed with Charcoal Face Wash, Charcoal Peel-Off Mask, Charcoal Scrub, and Charcoal Face Pack- all of which help refresh and de-tan. 

For The Precise Bro

For the brother who always likes to be on-point, a Precision Safety Razor is precisely the gift you have been looking for. This kit has all the fixings for a perfect modern-day shave. It is deftly engineered, to deliver the finest shave you’ll have ever experienced, and comes with a set of 10 masterful Japanese feather blades. 

For The Ambitious Bro

Maintaining facial hair is not a breeze, we know. So, for the brother who is always trying to look his best, give him a gift set that keeps all his beard growing necessities separate and organised. He’ll love the gift and you’ll love the price. This Rakhi, give him a kit that contains a Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, Moustache Wax and U-shaped Beard Comb that'll help keep his beard healthy and long. This gift will work magically, especially for an ambitious brother like yours. 

For The Sporty Bro

For the all-rounder bro who enjoys sports but enjoys grooming well even better. Jack of all trades, your brother's personality matched the personality of this ever diverse kit. The De-Tan Charcoal Kit For Face & Body comes immaculately packed with a Charcoal Face Wash, Charcoal Peel-Off Mask,  Charcoal Exfoliating Bath Soap, and Deep Clean Charcoal Face & Body Wash. Again, he’ll love the gift and you’ll love the price. 

Sometimes fixing his hairstyle, sometimes his unruly beard, and sometimes pairing the right belt with the right shoe, you’ll always be his #FirstStyleGuru. Check out all our gift kits here.

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