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Why Should You Actually Shave After Taking A Shower?

We have three words for you- Shit, Shower, Shave.
You might think we’re crazy but there’s a perfectly good scientific explanation for this. We know shaving is something you have probably been doing for a while, but this article will provide you with more information than you have ever learned about this grooming practice. Think of it as your Ultimate Shaving Guide, if you will.

Let us start by emphasising on the importance of “preparation”– cardinal to achieving a close, comfortable shave. By “preparation”, we mean the importance of preparing your skin by exfoliating it well before putting the razor to its use. When you’re fresh out of the shower, your face is warm, moist, and clean – all prerequisites to achieve an optimal shave. In the shower, skin is exposed to heat and steam for much longer than most people are willing to keep a hot towel pressed against their face. After 5 minutes in the shower, hair follicles have absorbed enough water to swell and soften, making them significantly easier to cut. In the shower, make sure to use the scrub. When you use the Pre-Shave Scrub, your skin softens because of the exfoliating beads, unclogs all clogged pores which makes it even more easier for the razor to pass over and cut evenly. Furthermore, sebum and bacteria are rinsed away, greatly reducing the risk of irritation and infection. The 3-Step Shaving Regimen can come in really handy to prepare your skin well before the shave.

Basically, Shaving is a very subtle form of exfoliation. When you shave, you rid your skin of all the dirt, grime and excess oil to reveal a new layer of fresh skin. If you're doing all that, might as well do it correct, right?

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