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5 Essential Skin Care Tips For Men This Diwali

Grooming for women has always been championed, even encouraged. Grooming for men- not so much. Far be it from us to discern whether it’s fair or unfair but men have been told for ages that grooming is only for the fairer sex. Men, all over the world, and especially in India have a reputation for either deprioritizing or downright disregarding their grooming upkeep.  Now with Diwali just around the corner, it's time to for men start upgrading their grooming upkeep, especially when it comes to taking care of their skin & beard. Here are 5 essential skin & beard care tips for all you men out there. Consider this our Diwali gift to you.

Face Moisturiser

Imagine a pair of leather shoes being worn day in and day out, exposed to the elements. Eventually, they’ll wear out and crack if you fail in taking proper care of it. Your skin is like leather. You continuously wear out your skin- in the sun, in the gym, at work. Our nourishing moisturiser heals and gets to work immediately on application. The richness of Jojoba oil deeply moisturises and forms a protective layer to seal in skin moisture.

Cracks in your skin are one of the biggest reasons for a patchy beard.  A little care everyday goes a long way. Hey, we can only issue caution, you gotta do the work.

Face Cleanser

We know, we know. Life’s good. The festive season’s just around the corner, your beard is growing by the minute, and your boss is curiously cool with everything. Now, everything would fall in place if you could just get that face of yours to look as good as you feel. Coming to your rescue is our refreshing face cleanser with Salicylic acid and Vitamin C that are vital for combating acne prone skin. Enriched Pea protein, our face cleanser revitalises skin and reduces roughness and bumps which, again, really helps in fighting patchy beard.

With antioxidant qualities that reduce inflammation, our product really is an all-rounder. It is also Paraben and Sulphate free, which when put in layman terminology translates into a good thing.

Exfoliating Bath Soap

Even if you deem yourself a diligent body wash user, it wouldn’t hurt to look for other, more environmentally conscious options. Bar soaps, in general, are better for the environment and ultimately leads to less bacteria living on your body. Ours, in addition to being handmade, is smooth on skin. Exfoliating soaps have beads that can be really harsh on the skin while our soaps are gentler, while performing all the vital actions they are supposed to. In addition to this, they help soothe, repair, and soften your skin. The long-lasting scent is one virtue that never goes amiss, of course. We promise maximum effect and minimum hassle.

Moustache Wax

Quite self-explanatory. However, wax for moustache is customarily used as a grooming aid to hold the hair in place. Especially at the extremities. With our moustache wax, you can get your moustache in shape and look sharp for the festive season. With this styling wax, formulated for excellent styling performance, volume addition and frizz-control come the goodness of natural extracts that allow for flexible, long-lasting hold without drying out your facial hair.

All in all, a moustache fix this Diwali is an absolute essential.


Give your mom her baby boy back this festive season. With the help of our complete shaving kit, let your clean & polished face be one of the gifts you give to your mother this Diwali. A complete kit with scrub, razor, cream, brush, blades and a post-shave balm- you can turn to Bombay Shaving Company for a delightful one stroke shave.

We take pride in introducing to you a delightful experience that’ll feel more like a luxury than an obligation. Suitable for all kinds of faces, especially the ones with sensitive skin.

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