Your Guide to Intimate Shaving

Hair removal has always been a choice and not a compulsion, which is how it should be. If you think we’re avoiding talking about societal norms such as, “You’ve got a forest on your legs”, or “Dress pehnni hain, those hairy legs won’t look good” then yes, we are because they don’t matter. You removing your hair must depend on when you want to remove it and how you like to do it as well. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place! 


Waxing off intimate areas sounds equally painful almost as much as the process itself. Before you get there, let’s ask the real question; Why are you even removing hair down there? We know there must be several schools of thought before you even start the daunting task of grooming your sensitive areas. Which is why you’re in luck today. 

Why keep your sensitive areas clean?

First, talking about anything that has to do with something down there is a taboo in our country.  Let’s break those stereotypes because personal is not political. We’re all for personal hygiene & grooming and it’s extremely important to keep your intimate areas clean. For most gynecologists, they’d want you to leave your pubic hair alone, as they believe that they provide cushioning to your gentle parts to avoid bacterial infection or injuries. This makes sense but only when that hair is at a manageable length. Take a look at why you need to keep your intimate areas clean:

  1. In Odour, to shave

Everyone’s vaginal biome is a bit different, so everyone smells a bit different down there. Our intimate areas tend to have a smelling tendency for a lot of reasons. And we females, we’ve got all the more reasons to add to the breeding ground that our growing pubic hair already is. From sweat glands to menstruating every month, all our bodily fluids get trapped and start to smell. This odour could be a possible symptom of vaginal infection or UTI. It’s better to keep it clean. Keep those unnecessary health issues at bay. A pandemic’s enough!

  1. When you don’t have it, flaunt it

You’re not vacationing in 2020 but next year when you’ve got that beach bod and cleaned up bikini area, why not flaunt it? Relax those four people who don’t even know you.

Now when you know how to keep your private part groomed, let’s see what works for that smooth & clean result. Wax or shave? That’s a question you should ask yourself if you’re ready for that kind of torture.  Let us make it easy for you. What’s wrong with waxing? The process of going to someone to get your intimate area plumaged is wrong at so many levels. Your secret place is not a secret anymore. Waxing is all things painful. Why bear this mental and physical torture if you can just simply shave it off, whenever you like to.

Shave your way to a smooth skin

To begin with, it’s easy and painless. When we talk about shaving we understand your concerns about cuts or irritation and rashes post-shave. Let us take you through your ‘How to’ journey to get the job done right.

  1. Get all wet

When we talk about getting wet, it’s not what you think. One thing that’s a mandate before you shave your pubic area or any other body part is to get all soaked up. It helps in hydrating and softening of your skin and hair. This is called wet shaving. This keeps your skin hydrated and softened so that there’s no friction between the blade and your skin down there. To tackle that hurdle, get your hands on the best razor for women, Bombay Shaving Company’s Defender for Her.

  1. Trim your tresses

Trimming is super important but we beg you. Don’t use a trimmer. Get yourself a tiny pair of scissors just for this. Trim your hair so that it doesn’t get stuck in between the blades. India’s first women’s razor with Flexblade technology,  Defender For Her does it even better. It’s engineered in a way that it makes shaving an easy and smooth process. The blades with its anti-clog design don’t let the hair get stuck. So you can check that off your list as a resolved issue.

  1. Lather it up!

Use any shaving gel or you can try your hair conditioner to lather up your intimate part. Make sure your gel is chemical-free, the skin down there is extremely delicate and sensitive.

  1. The Best Shave of Your Life

Moving on, now your sensitive area is all lathered and soaked up; pull the skin taut and gently stroking the razor along with the direction of hair growth. Keep rinsing the razor after 2-3 strokes. Just in case, you leave a hair or two, apply your gel/conditioner and shave them. Remember while shaving down there, Take. It. Slow. Finish your shaving sesh with any aloe vera gel or baby oil.

But wait, why did we say The Best Shave of Your Life? That’s because the razor you choose makes all the difference. To have the smoothest and not to forget, safest shave you may want to check out the best razor for women for sensitive skin- Defender For Her by Bombay Shaving Company. Shave off those painful hair-removal memories with the all-new razor, designed especially for women. We guarantee it’ll make your shaving experience awesome.

Shaving is an intimate affair. And to make it successful, the best solution is The Defender For Her women’s razor. Intimate shaving doesn’t just end there, you’ve to take care of the skin post-shaving. Apply any aloe vera gel to soothe the skin and avoid tight clothes. Prefer wearing cotton underwear and rather stay in your PJs because that’s just how 2020 is going.

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