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2020 Trends- Beard Styles Edition

It’s no surprise that beards are accessories for men to flaunt their style. However, even though 2020 has been on a downhill curve, beard trends haven’t actually changed that much. The best part of wanting to have a beard is that you don’t have to think much, just grow it, and it’s there. Since all men are stuck inside their homes, here are some dadhi trends that you can follow this year. 

Quarantine Beard

The beard style that can be grown with the least effort, ‘The Quarantine Beard’ is very easy to spot. If you see someone’s beard peeking out of their mask from every little corner, you know they are growing the Quarantine Beard!. You can grow it too, just chill and leave your growing beard alone. That’s it guys, that’s all it takes. But we won’t encourage you to hop on this trend. It’s unruly and messy unless you maintain it at home. Looking for tips to grow a beard faster? Even in the pandemic, Bombay Shaving Company’s grooming essentials are getting delivered with all safety measures right to your doorstep. Try it out and get that quarantine beard sorted. 

Short Beard

This is the most attractive beard length if you ask us. This perfect-heavy-stubble beard takes all the formal, semi-formal, and casual looks to the next level in no time. If you’re someone who wants to have a beard but is not keen on growing it too long, the heavy stubble short beard is your answer. You can help maintain this remarkable beard with a range of products that include Bombay Shaving Company’s extensive line that covers everything from cleaning your beard to straightening it.

Long Beard

If you ever come across someone sporting a long-bushy beard ask them, does size matter? Chances are, it definitely does (pun intended). For the glam long beard, one has to be patient enough and give it a good 3-6 months. Let it grow naturally. When you ask how long will it take to grow, there’s no definite answer. Good genes, a nutritional diet, and proper nourishment are exactly what you require. Just putting some products cannot be the solution to boost your beard growth.  The safest & best choice to consider here is Bombay Shaving Company’s Beardinator which claims to boost your beard in 4 weeks. For all the beard growth tips, head to their website.

Well Groomed Beard

There are guys who like to keep it prim & proper. A beard that’s in tune with your face shape looks, don’t you think? We stan a well-trimmed, shaped, and maintained beard. Pruning is essential and it’s great when you know when to. To have a well-groomed beard, you need to Trim it. Wash it. Oil it. Style it. Only if maintaining a beard was that easy. Fortunately, Bombay Shaving Company’s Beard Care Starter Kit gives you all the solutions you need in just one kit. Now, slay your beard the way you want to.

The Beardstache

We’re sure you ladies must have swooned over this look but never knew it had a name. Beardstache is a style combo of a stubble/beard with mustache. Intrigued how to hop on this trend? For a classic Beardstache, you’d require a good thick beard and a full-length mustache. However, this isn’t a style that anyone can pull off. You need to have a strong jawline and a large or medium upper lip area. Diamond and square face-shaped men can sport a perfect swoon-worthy Beardstache. Once your beardstache starts striving, get the right beard products to maintain it. With plenty of brands in the market, you really want to invest in something that won’t just make you look good but also feel good. One such brand is Bombay Shaving Company. You don’t want to miss on their range of kits. They’re absolutely refreshing and are quite pocket-friendly too.

A classic stubble is passe. But if you want to hop on the beardwagon trend this 2020 then just grow it. You only have video calls to worry about. The year 2020 is all about experimenting and rediscovering yourself. Gone are the days of clean-shaven men, everyone wants to flaunt a good-bushy beard. Why not? It hides all your acne and double chin too, we’re not saying imperfections are unacceptable. Being flawsome(accepting your awesome flaws) is the real thing. There’s a beard for everyone and no reason to not try it for yourself.

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