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How To Take Care Of Your Beard

’Tis the season of the beard! Since the lock down started, men have been experimenting with the facial hair that they have been keeping. From the ‘stache of the 70s to the goatee to a full blown lumberjack/Ranveer-Singh-from-Padmavat, beards are going through a lot of iterations right now. However, this is also the time for keeping your beard healthy, as a lot of first-timers (and a few beard enthusiasts) are still looking for the ultimate beard growth tips.

A growing beard is a magnet for everything from germs to bacteria and we need to maintain it in the best way possible. Therefore, we bring you a comprehensive list of beard growth tips that you will have no problem in following. So, let’s get started!


Like your hair, your beard also needs to be regularly washed and no, you should not be using your hair shampoo for the same. Go for a shampoo and conditioner that keeps your beard clean and nourished while also restoring its shine. This is the first step before you do anything further with your beard.

Beard Shampoo & Conditioner


Keeping your beard moisturised is very important for two reasons: one, your beard thrives when it is hydrated and two, it boosts beard growth. Your facial hair has the tendency to become dry and brittle, and a conditioner for your beard will definitely prevent it from becoming the same.


Your beard is not just something you grow, it is a living machine. And like all machines, it needs to be oiled from time to time. There is no such thing as too much softening, and a Beard Oil supplements the conditioner by making the beard manageable and dandruff-free.

This will definitely help you as a tip to grow your beard faster.

Beard Growth Oil


Till now, all you have done with your beard is prepare it. Now, you get to do the fun stuff. Brushing your hair keeps up the consistency, removes any strays and restores your beard’s shape. Getting a good brush for your beard is important as the structure of your beard depends on the brush you use. Next up: styling!

Pocket Friendly Beard Brush


If you are still not satisfied with how your beard looks, then we suggest you style or straighten it. A beard wax will keep the shape of your beard for a long time without any hair moving from its place while a beard straightener will give you freedom to style your beard however you want. While these two options give you the versatility you need, make sure you don’t use the wax and straightener together as it can ruin your beard completely.

Moustache Wax

To help you get started, find the right products for these beard grooming tips here and maintain that beard like a boss!

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