Top 5 shaving essentials this winter

Winter has always been a season of joy in India; it brings us color and joy in the form of festivals like Diwali and Christmas. Meeting friends and relatives during this season is a blissful practice that brings unforgettable memories. It is important to look good during this period, and having a beard might not be a great option for you. Because with winter comes the dryness and itchiness of the skin, all of which could cause irritation and ruin your well-groomed beard.

Prepping a clean shaven look will not only showcase the softness of your skin but will enhance the glow of your face and add more beauty and clarity to your smile. Few might claim that shaving gives bruises which is more damaging than having itchy skin. But with the right methods and right products, shaving can be a joyful experience for all.

To get yourself that perfectly shaved look during this winter, we have compiled a list of 5 shaving essentials that should be a part of your shaving kit. Let’s look at them.

Pre-Shave Scrub

Your facial hair should be treated and softened before beginning to shave. This will give you an irritation-free and cut-free shave. A regular face wash might be fine for some, but remember, some of these face washes will also remove the essential oils present in the skin that can cause more dryness while shaving. On the other hand, when you use the Pre-Shave Scrub from Bombay Shaving Company that is enriched with ingredients black sand, papaya extracts, lemon extracts, almond oil, walnut shell, Vitamin E, and aloe vera, your skin will be completely taken care of.

Pre Shave Scrub

For instance, black sand will remove the unwanted skin cells and smoothen your skin. This, in turn, makes the skin dirt-free and smooth. Papaya extracts, lemon extracts, and almond oil help in nourishing and smoothing the skin. Walnut shells will assist the black sand in removing the dead skin while Vitamin E and aloe vera will keep your skin cool and supple.

The right method to use this product is to first treat your face with soothing warm water. Then squeeze a small amount of the scrub onto your palm and gently massage it onto your beard in circular motions. Cover all the areas by massaging for a couple of minutes. Lastly, wash your face with warm water and a towel. Now your hair is dirt-free, soft, and moisturized which will help you to have a bump-free shave and reduce ingrown hair.

Shaving Cream

Once the pre-shave is done, the next step is to safeguard your skin with another layer of protection by creating a rich, frothy lather. Shaving cream helps to lift the hair, which would be easier to cut and also ensures that all your beard hair is shaved without any miss. The foam produced acts as the perfect protective layer for your skin from your super-sharp razor. It also helps by making your hair stick on to the foam that makes it easy for extraction. The shaving cream of men from the house of Bombay Shaving Company is one of the best shaving creams in the market that is powered by ingredients like Tea Tree, Menthol, and aloe vera. Each of these ingredients has a critical role to play in your shaving.

Shaving Cream

For instance, the extracts of tea tree oil will avoid any razor burns that preserves the softness of the skin.  Menthol will help your skin to be cool while aloe vera will assist in protecting and rejuvenating the skin. All these super-ingredients will also give a mesmerizing aroma.

To start using this product, wash your shaving brush first in warm water. Then add one drop of cream from the tube onto the brush. Now lather your face with the brush in gentle circular motions. Make sure all the shaving area is covered.

Charcoal Shaving Foam

Charcoal Shaving Foam

Are you in a hurry? Don’t like using a shaving brush to create a foam? Then you should lay your hands on the charcoal shaving foam from Bombay Shaving Company that helps to produce instant foam before your shave. This product comes with rich ingredients like Activated charcoal, Moroccan argan oil and aloe vera, Chamomile, and menthol extracts. This powerful combination gives the foam a distinct color and also protects the skin from post-shave irritation. Its pro-defense technology will help in eliminating razor burns, nicks, and cuts. While the olive oil moisturizes your skin, the chamomile in this product is an excellent antioxidant that makes your skin soft and healthy.

Dexter V6 Razor

A razor is an indispensable part of any shaving process. But the Dexter V6 Razor from Bombay Shaving Company is really special. Firstly, the speed and flexibility of this shaving razor will amaze you. The unique design of this safety razor will give you immense control during the shave. It is also suitable for all skin types. This men’s razor comes with advanced features like FlexBlade technology, Anti-Clog Design, and Anti-Friction safety guards.

Dexter V6

This razor for men comes with triple blades, each of which is suspended independently. This will ensure maximum contact of the blade with the skin, and that will glide smoothly along the contours of your face. The anti-clog design will avoid the blade from clogging during longer strokes. The anti-friction safety guard will protect your skin from cuts and also reduces razor burn after the shave.

To use this, wash the razor first with warm water and gently stroke the razor in the same direction as your beard hair growth. Cleanly shave the entire area and once done, rinse your face with cold water.

Post-Shave Balm

No shaving ends without a post-shave balm. Usage of post-shave balm will keep your skin, and your senses pleasantly refreshed. The post-shave balm from Bombay Shaving Company is 100% alcohol-free and is filled with ingredients such as lemon, papaya, aloe vera, and witch hazel.

Alcohol Free Post Shave Balm

The alcohol-free nature of this balm helps in avoiding dryness of the skin. The presence of witch hazel, lemon, aloe vera, and papaya helps to restore the essential oils lost during the shave. It not only brings a glow to your face but also helps in healing and restoring the energy of the skin.

After your shave, wash your face with cold water and pat your face dry. Take a dollop of the post-shave balm and gently apply it to the shaved area until it sinks.


Shaving might be a very regular task for men, but most people ignore their skin’s health. They need to realize that using the right products and right methods makes the skin healthy, smooth, and energized. At the same time, it can also avoid cuts and irritation of the skin, which are often associated with poor shaving practices. The use of high-quality shaving essentials from Bombay shaving company will help your facial skin to stay healthy.

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