6 Reasons Why Shaving Is Awesome

Hair removal is a choice, one that doesn’t have to necessarily be made at the cost of pain, irritation, chemicals or frequent salon visits! No matter what your parlour aunty says, shaving is awesome! Here are 6 reasons to shave with Defender for Her women’s razor, your quickest hair removal solution at-home! 

  1. The colour of your skin depends on your genes and not on how you remove hair. Shaving removes hair finely in a single stroke, with no side-effects like darkening of the skin.
  2. Shaving is pain-free unlike waxing or epilating and provides a quick & close shave with just a single stroke. 
  3. The sensitive coating on the blades allows the razor to glide freely even around sensitive areas, thereby preventing cuts or nicks. 
  4. The optimal blade gap in the razor cuts even the shortest hair, eliminating uneven and ingrown hair growth. 
  5. Defender for Her is exclusively designed to provide irritation-free shaves on both sensitive and regular skin.
  6. The blades average 7-12 shaves per cartridge. Store them in a dry place to increase its longevity.

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