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Beard Grooming Mistakes You Should Avoid

Poor beard grooming is one of the main reasons many men fail to sport a beard. The efforts seem elaborate and time-consuming. However, the truth of maintaining a beard is just as simple as using a stainless steel razor. It’s just maintaining a routine and investing in the right products that suit you. 

Following are some of the commonly made mistakes that make manly beards look like untidy facial hair:

Beard Neckline Shaving a deep neckline

The hair surrounding your neck, the one above your neck, are the most challenging areas to comprehend. If you go too high on the neckline, it could make your beard look grim and shabby. Some choose a safety razor to shave this part clean, while others use a trimmer. 

A shave would give you a clean and neat neckline. Draw a line just above Adam’s apple while keeping your head looking forward. Do not lean your neck backward; it would compromise the viewing angle and make you trim your beard deeper.

If you have already made the shave too deep, and it looks unflattering, then reduce the hair on your cheeks to make the length of your neckline look less noticeable. 

Stop Sporting an Uneven Beard

If you can see too much skin below your beard, you are probably not growing it right. Sporting a patchy and uneven beard will make your face look unkempt; it is better to shave the whole beard at this point. 

The same is fixable with the help of some grooming products that promote better growth and volume. The Bombay Shaving Company’s Beardinator is one such product.  It comes with nourishing oils that promote beard growth, a roller to massage the skin and wash to keep them fresh and free from irritation. 

If your beard is patchy toward the top half of your cheek, you could also trim your beard a little deep on the cheek and keep a higher volume above your jaw. Use the best safety razor to get the perfect precision.  

Understand Your Trimmer Setting

A fairly obvious point but often ignored by half the men. Your trimmer ideally comes with a set of combs that provide different levels of trimming. If you are unsure about the right length for you, start with the highest number, reduce the combs until you find the right size. 

This exercise is tedious just the first time; once you practically know the lengths you get from each comb, the next attempt will be simpler. 

Trimming your beard when it’s wet is one of the most common errors with beard grooming. When you damp your beard, they tend to roll in or flatten out based on your beard’s texture. If you trim a wet beard, it will only look presentable at the moment, and then then the dry beard will look unkempt.  

Pro tip: Your whole beard is not fixable with the same comb. If you use a low-length comb on the chin-beard, it makes your jawline look round and slim. Ideally, trim the bottom of your chin with a comb one or two points higher than the one used on your cheeks.  

Groomed Moustache
Moustache it Right 

The best moustache can make all the difference between classy and weird. Never keep a short moustache. If your moustache is growing over your lips, that is too long. If you can see a lot of your skin above the lips, that’s too short. Please keep it to the right lengths. 

The second factor to consider is the volume. Do not reduce the density on the Mo-hair thinner than the rest of your beard. Also, do not curl your moustache on ends if they have the volume of your eyebrows. Let them grow wider, and keep them trim in the center if you choose to curl. 

Some faces do not naturally connect the moustache and the beard. This gap is acceptable as long as you maintain the full beard regularly.  

Be very careful when using a precision razor along the borders of your moustache. You do not want them to be too sharp on the edges; that will attract all the attention there. 

Groomed bearded man

Keep It Neat

A long beard is not the same as a mighty beard. If you wish to keep a beard, you will have to take the time to keep it neat and tidy. Daily exposure to dust and heat can genuinely make your beard look lifeless and unhealthy. They are also frequently forced to share the food you eat!  

It is a great idea to invest in a beard growth kit. This wholesome kit can promote beard hair growth with natural ingredients and had a face wash safe for skin and hair. 

Avoid Bad Products For Your Beard

Like how you do not use your shampoo as a face wash, you cannot use a face wash as a beard wash. The face wash’s job is to remove excess oil from the skin and clear the pores. However, the skin below your beard needs some of this moisture. 

Every beard growth starter kit comes with nourishment creams and beard-oils that help keep your beard and skin fresh. 

Additionally, never use a plastic comb on your beard. Plastic combs contain minor imperfections that can pull or tear your beard hair. A beard comb made from wood is a perfect choice. This comb gives a smooth glide along your face and effective results. 

DIY beard groomingDo It Your Way

The last mistake that many make on their journey to a better beard — comparison. Sure the next guy’s beard is more fashionable than yours, but that does not mean you need the same look. The beard is supposed to complement your personality and face. And everyone has a different face shape. 

Do not judge your style with that of another; choose your unique style, and make it work.


If you are having trouble growing a stubble, Beardinator, an excellent product by the Bombay Shaving Company, is a must-try product. The product promotes the growth of a beard with natural elements like onion extracts and essential oils. They also come with a nourishing face wash to keep your beard free from irritation. 

Keep your beard the right length, trim it only when needed, and always use healthy and natural products. The right style is one that fits your face and not the one you wish to sport. Taking care of a beard is like maintaining a car; constant attention and genuine products make you look trendy and presentable all the time.

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