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Why Do You Need to Shift From a Normal Razor to a Safer One?

Typically all the men buy Multi-Blade Cartridge Razors. Why? The answer would be – “it is much easier and less time-consuming.” Probably you are right. But think of why you shave. Isn’t it because you need your face to be neat-looking? Maybe to leave a distinct impression or for your satisfaction, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is how good-looking you are by the end of the shave.


But, this specific result is questionable in the case of regular razors. By this point, you will be thinking – WHY? Here is all that you need to know about standard razors and safety razors.

Which is popular?

Normal razors are everywhere, from advertisements on television to the streets. A newbie who wishes to shave for the first time will buy the normal one as it is widely known. Their performance and the small curve are what make them the perfect option for all men.

Safety razors were popular until a few years back. However, now they are regaining their popularity very slowly and steadily. Men are showing a renewed interest in them.

Which is cheaper?

At one glance, normal cartridge razors are cheaper than double-edge safety razors. Shaving is your routine. You wish to have a clean-cut almost every day. So, let us say that while determining which is cheaper, we will go for the one which will work the best in the long run for estimating the costs.


In a single blade razor, you have just one single blade for use, and it can be used for longer than one cartridge of a normal razor. The same single blades are designed for universal fitting so that any men’s safety razor can be used if we have the blade or vice-versa.

Precision Safety Razor from Bombay Shaving Company

In the meantime, the long-term expenses of normal razors are far greater than the safety razors. You need the refills every now and then and should change the stem. But the double-edge safety razors can last longer as it is made of metals.

How to use it?

Multi-blade razors have a pivoting head that always helps them to set for an optimum cutting angle. Even if you are sleepy in the morning and need to get your shave right with a multi-blade razor, you wouldn’t have to make the cut precisely. The process is very simple when it comes to this type of razor.


Accordingly, the time taken is also less. Do the extra blades help in making it less time-consuming? The multiple blades follow the mechanism of tug and cut. The first blade will pull up the hair and tug it, while the second blade cuts this hair. What happens with more than two blades? The rest of the blades make sure that not a single spot is missed.

A double-edge safety razor is not that easy to figure out for a beginner. It is difficult to find the best safety razor for beginners. Once you get the hang of it, the best safety razors will turn out to be the most go-to razors in the world for you. Once you load the blade onto the clamps, apply shaving cream generously and wait. Keep the razor at 30 degrees angle and gently glide the razor along the skin. The flow should be very smooth as you are allowing gravity to do its job.

Why are safety razors better than normal razors?

You have already got the answer to the question. You shave to get a smooth and neat face. The post-shave look must be worth looking at. When you use multi-blade razors, skin irritations caused are inevitable due to the mechanism on which it works. This will be worse in the case of men with sensitive skin.

The tug, pull, and cut mechanism damages our skin leading to bumps, redness, or irritated skin allergies. Moreover, there are high chances of getting ingrown hair on your face, which can lead to redness, bumps, or infection if not cut properly.

This problem is eliminated in the case of a single-blade razor. Since there is only one blade involved, there is no tugging and pulling but only cutting. It ensures the complete elimination of the possibility of ingrown hair and delivering perfectly smooth skin post-shaving. It is common to assume that double-edge single blade razors cannot give a closer shave while normal razors can.



By now, you are familiar with the mechanism of both the blades and know which one can give you the best-needed shave. With multiple blades of precision razor closer shave is possible since there are multiple strokes. But have you ever thought that there would be multiple strokes at a time in the same area with multi-blades, which will lead to developing irritated skin? A safety razor can give you the perfect and close shave guaranteed.

The only requirement you need to have for a close shave is to master the art of shaving. One day you buy the new safety razor, and you expect to learn how to get the perfect shave. Well, this is unlikely to happen. Getting the right angle while shaving is crucial. You should have the expertise in the art of shaving quickly, and you will be the one everyone looks over.

Moreover, double-edge shaving razors are designed for safety and protection while shaving, and they do promise it. Double-edged single blade razors are also called safety razors for a reason. Single blade razors are hence much better than double-edged razors.

Also, the stainless steel razor blades that are used are recyclable, which accounts for less pollution. You need to choose the one which will work best for you.

It is usual that people get caught up with the myths and false statements related to precision safety razors but are ignorant of normal razors’ demerits. Next time when you want to buy a razor, keep all the details in mind and choose the one that can save you time, effort, and money.

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